Waldrop Commercial

Customer Reviews

"Congratulations on earning the Super Service Award from Angie's List! I'm not surprised at all though as you guys have been great with service on my home. I know it is a big honor."

- Ann

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job your team has done for me and my family. We had a new heating and air conditioning unit installed in April of this year. I have been tracking our monthly power bill from last year to this year and have been pleasantly surprised each month. My air conditioning bill has been cut by more than half of what it was. What’s more, we keep our house about 4 ° cooler and have not had to install an extra window unit in our bonus room because we had to supplement the old air conditioner. We replaced the same size unit, so I can only attribute the savings to a better unit and a tremendous installation job. Thanks for everything and you can be sure that we will “highly recommend” WALDROP Heating & Air to all our friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the future."

- Bradley Boisher

"I recently had a new air conditioner installed. Jason, the salesman, and the two installers did a very good job. I wanted to mention, in particular, that Gretchen has done a very good job scheduling, keeping me informed and generally making me feel that your company wants me to be a satisfied customer. As you must be aware, Gretchen and the other folks I've come in contact with are valuable assets. I also plan to let the folks at Costco know how well Waldrop has done. "

- Craig Conwell

"I called Waldrop after a very unhappy experience with the original installer of the AC/ heating system. This was apparently a low quality outfit that does mostly installations for developers. They grossly overcharged me ( $305.00) to tell me the AC had a leak in the coil; and adding a small amount of Freon in the system. Waldrop responded quickly to my call for service. The adviser proposes a Lennox system, made the arrangements for the installation and the subsequent inspection. Everything was done on schedule: the technicians were courteous and knowledgeable. The unit has been working smoothly and perfectly since it was installed. I give Waldrop the highest rating for their fine work."

- Emile Labrousse

"After contacting you (James Phillips), I was immediately impressed with the background information you gave me regarding Waldrop, even before you arrived at my home. Telling me how Waldrop differed from the other local distributors, with regards to your service quality checks and so forth. Which was fine, any good salesperson/technician should and would do this. But what really impressed was your thoroughness, i.e. checking every room & taking measurements,, wanting to go under the house/crawl space to check the duct work, etc. Why this impressed me is I have a very modest older home and with your experience, you could have easily made some guesstimates, quoted me price and went on your way. But you didn't. You also explained the different payment options, the benefits of going with your suggesting model and so forth. You answered all my questions in layman's terms and your price of course, was competitive."

- George Breazeale

"I just wanted to put on paper some of the things I told you in person at Costco after an install by your company at my home in Easley, SC. WOW!!!!! Blown away and speechless almost doesn't adequately describe how impressed I am with Waldrop Heating and Air.. From the sales person I initially made contact with at Costco; to James Phillips who did the in-house evaluation and quoting; to Curtis (the lead man out of Spartanburg that usually does commercial); to the office person who called two days later to schedule the follow up evaluation Big Big Kudos! I truthfully can say I have never had an experience with a service industry of your type (Auto repair, Heating, Plumbing, etc) that I have been so impressed with. Everyone showed up on time, looking professional, concerned with keeping my house looking good while doing their jobs and doing them well. "

- Jack Marks

"I just wanted to say it was the best service I have had in my life time. I would recommend anyone going to replace their Heating and Air would use Waldrop Heating and Air. Steve Collins very professional Project Manager and what I liked about Steve he did not mind letting you know other problems that needed to be fixed and fixed them. He really related to each crew member and worked with each in making sure the project got done. Also to each person I talked to at Waldrop before we signed on to do the job and the song of advertisement that Waldrop uses that Gertrude sang for me over the phone. Thank You Again, Well done and God Bless your Company! "

- John Mullis — Union, SC

"... I didn't much think the characteristics of integrity, honesty, and responsibility existed in the business world anymore until I met Waldrop Heating and Air, but thankfully your employees have shown me a remnant of these in their work ethics. Since integrity begins at the top, I am thankful for the business philosophy you have passed down to Ken, Patricia, Kevin, Gavin, Bob, Teri, Nicole and numerous others. Keep up the good work!"

- Lawrence B. — Boiling Springs, SC

"I have owned a top line Lennox HVAC system in our main floor for 5 years, and without a hitch! Now the new system is taking care of the upper level, we are high tech all the way. Yes, they are very technical and I can see the mechanical and board intelligence changes from 5 years. As for Waldrop, A quote, some changes, signature, installed in less than 5 days. A complete HVAC. I stood right near these guys all day as I am always learning and mechanical. Well trained and a great representative of Lennox. My hat off to the team, and especially for Gaven. It was Friday night, and don't we all want to be with our families Friday night? He was calm, patient and never left until he knew we were satisfied. I signed a contract for annual services on both units with Waldrop, because we were very comfortable with their knowledge and concern for customer care."

- Mel Maynard

"My wife and I are new to South Carolina, having moved here in the middle of June. After suffering through the 107 degree heat that we had right after moving here, and having and old air conditioning system, that didn't do much, we decided to do something about that problem. After talking to one of your people at Costco during a Lennox display there, we called your Greenville office, saying that we wanted to talk to someone about a new system. James Phillips came out the next day, and surveyed the situation, and saw how we had some warm rooms, and some cool rooms. After discussing the options over the next two and a half hours, we decided a Daiken Split System would work for us. Jim did all of the paper work, while answering a ton of questions from me over the next few days. He was extremely polite, pleasant, and professional. After giving him the go-ahead ge said that we would have someone at our place to install the system within a week. True to his word, we had an install crew here Monday morning. "

- Tom and Dale Mihalic

"To all the folks at Waldrop Heating & Air, I am taking the time to say 'Thank You All so much'. The opportunity that I had to interact with the Waldrop family has been an exceptional experience from beginning to end. I met James Phillips at the Home Show in Greenville and he began our relationship that I hope will last forever. I have to say that my dealing with James was just the start , because everyone has been so kind and caring , and so attentive to my needs as a consumer , that if all business in this country was conducted in the same manner , what a better world this would be !! You may certainly use me to spread the good word for you folks, you have surely earned it. From James, Aubrey, Scott , Patricia and everyone , you have all been so courteous and professional. Again thank you all so much"

- Trip Washburn